How I Made $574.19 from Side Hustles in June 2017

Ah, side hustles! We all seem to have a ‘side hustle’ nowadays. I’ve never loved the term ‘side hustle’ as it sounds a bit scandalous, to be honest!

“Just over here working on my side hustle, honey!”

The truth is, whatever you want to call it – side hustles, money on the sides, extra jobs after the already 40 + hours you work each week – having them is one of the main ways that people find financial freedom without taking major risks.

If I lived in a perfect, ideal world with no consequences, I would forgo having a full time job in order to spend the entire day trying to make money on the internet. But I live in a world where the mortgage is due and the water bill is due and for some reason we keep going through our food and have to buy more. I don’t have the life at the moment where I can take that kind of risk, and so the answer is to side hustle.

I’ve been ‘side hustling’ before I even knew there was a word for it. I have an overactive brain and the inability to take a moment and relax, so I’ve done a whole host of things since I was younger to make money in addition to my weekly allowance.

For example, I have:
– worked as a personal assistant for my next door neighbor
– picked up prickly ‘gum ball’ droppings from the tree in our front yard for my Dad for 1 cent per ball (I was definitely underpaid, in hindsight)
-attempted to start up a shop on the playground in 5th grade where I would sell candy and other trinkets to other students (pretty sure that was against school rules, whoops)

and the list goes on.

Today, my side hustles are a bit more normal, I’ll have you know!

Should I Post an Income Report?

There are different schools of thought and lots of chatter on the internet on whether or not ‘income reports’ are okay to post. I’m not sure why the drama, but I’m posting mine because I have always been really interested in other people’s to see how they make money and it’s a good tracking tool to follow my journey. Hopefully I look back on these and say, “Wow, Kalyn, remember when you only made $500 per month?!” instead of, “Oh, no, Kalyn, why are you only making $3 a month when you used to make $500?”. Either way, come along for the ride!

Right, so, for June 2017, I ‘side hustled’ in the following ways:

June 2017 Income Report

*Note: I make money in both USD and GBP, but I report in USD to make it easier to keep track (this accounts for some of the funny numbers!)

Freelancing: $307.19

I started freelancing almost by accident. I had a period of time where I couldn’t work full time for various reasons and needed extra income, so I applied for a bunch of random freelancing jobs and heard nothing back. Then, a few weeks later, an agency who had rejected me for the position I applied for asked me to come on to do freelance writing gigs with them as and when they had work for me. I’ve been with them ever since, as well as branching out into other areas of freelance writing.

I expect this number to go up next month as they have more work headed my way and I was only available for half of June. I am working on expanding my freelance portfolio and clients, however, as the downside to working primarily with one agency is that I am fully dependent on just that one stream of income when it comes to freelancing.

Sponsored Posts: $84.00

My first blog,, has been up and running for a couple of years now and has been my main blog money earner, though nowhere in the realm of some of the top names in the blogging game. Again, I neglected the blog for most of May and half of June as I was away getting married, so to have even one sponsored post for June was great.

It’s about 50/50 when it comes to sponsored posts that I get from applying and that I get from just being approached. The goal is to start being approached more, though!

Blog opportunities: $180.00

I’m making a category for ‘blog opportunities,’ which covers opportunities (not freelance gigs) that I have gotten because someone found my blog and offered me paid work. These are one-off opportunities, not ongoing partnerships. For example, in the past I have been approached by an ad agency to help recruit American girls living in London for an ad.

This month, I was approached by a start-up website needing walking routes in London. So they asked me to put together some of my favorite walking routes on their website to build up their content base. Not a bad job at all!

Total: $574.19

What’s Missing?

There are plenty of income streams that are missing from this first income report. Here’s a rundown of some of the ones at the top of my list to get started on:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Online Surveys

What are some other income streams that you recommend? Any tips on the above?

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5 Responses

  1. What an awesome collection of side gigs! Would you mind sharing the names of some of the freelance jobs you applied for or the agency you work with now? I’d love to explore those opportunities!

  2. Ana S. says:

    Affiliate marketing is a great one! I highly recommend it.
    I have some resource about it on my blog if you’re interested:

    And congratz on everything so far!

  3. Love your post. I feel it’s great to share, you have worked hard you deserve to toot your horn. Can’t wait till I have extra income to report.

  1. August 8, 2017

    […] To read my first income report and see how I made over $500 in side hustles, click here. […]

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