Hi! Welcome to Budgeting to Freedom, one girl’s quest to find freedom through budgeting and side hustles.

I’m Kalyn, the face behind the operation. Well, you can’t see my face in this picture, but you didn’t come here to see my face, you came here to figure out how to live the life you want.

I live in the UK with my husband and the wild birds in our backyard, but I am working towards the day when we can split our time between our home here and my hometown in America.

I want to be able to fly anywhere we want, to take whatever jobs we want, to be able to work remotely and to eventually have freedom from the ‘9 to 5’ life.

Maybe your goals are different, and that’s awesome too. Whatever kind of financial freedom you’re after — we’re going to learn how to find it together, through a combination of saving money, budgeting money, and making more money.

Ready? Let’s go!